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Professional and Safe Tree Service

Safety. Punctuality. Commitment to Excellence.

Advanced Arborist Tree Service provides a wide variety of arborictultural services to Saint John and surrounding area. Certified by the International Society of Arboriculture, I provide my clients with a comprehensive approach to tree care.


Since I began in 2015, I’ve been committed to my clients needs and

satisfaction in regards to the safety and health of their trees.


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Tree Pruning

Pruning of trees is the most common tree care practice in urban areas. It is required to maintain safety, improve structure, attain certain goals and helps with the general health of the tree. A tree properly cared for will live a longer and more healthy life and be less expensive long term than a tree with bad structure full of dead wood and decay. 

Cabling & Bracing

We offer the installation of supplemental tree support system. After a proper inspection of the tree, it may be determined that installing support hardware is a good option. Even though cabling and bracing a tree does not eliminate the hazard, it can reduce the risk of failure to an acceptable level. 

Tree Removal

We specialize in the removal of hazardous trees on your property either commercial or residential. Complex dismantling of trees is often required around houses and or buildings. Let our team tackle these tough jobs with confidence and expertise.

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Tree Risk Assessments

Offering competent and thorough advice on the safety of individual tree. We visually inspect trees from ground level and also get right up into the canopy looking for defects not visible from the ground. We give recommendations following the inspection on how to properly care for the tree to ensure it is safe and healthy throughout its life.


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Pascal Frenette

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Advanced Arborist Tree Service

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Pascal Frenette

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